We leverage Technology to make machines simpler and better.

We at ETA Technology, are obsessed with building machines that make better products. Our technology ensures that your products are consistent and repeatable, with an accuracy that is among the best in its class. As one of the early adopters of Industrie 4.0, our machines can be built to various levels of automation and can be remotely monitored.
Our machines are a culmination of our search for providing the best possible solutions for our customers’ engineering challenges. We design and build high end Solid Phase Welding machines, Special Purpose Machines (SPM), Electrical Upsetting/Metal Gathering Machines and Test Rigs. We also cater to almost all the machines needed for an Engine Valve industry.

Solid Phase Welding

Upsetting And Forging Solutions

Special Purpose Machines (SPMs)

Test Rigs

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