We help you in assessing the condition of your machine and advise the best option from the following

We offer buy back of our older products in exchange for new and improved machines. This will make sense for a product which is outdated in terms of technology or has broken down, way beyond any possible repairs.

We undertake reconditioning of machines that we had sold to you earlier. This will include a detailed study of the old machine(s) and upgrading them with newer control systems, hydraulics and software essentially making them as good as new. We also offer warranty support on such machines.

As a matter of fact, our low maintenance products are designed to work trouble free for years.

If situations arise, we can conduct a comprehensive review of an old machine and suggest changes to extend its service life. This will be a comprehensive audit which will include part replenishment's, cost and expected increase in service life. We also back it up with our Maintenance packages.