Key features of our 30 kVA Electrical Upsetting Machines

This twin head Electrical Upsetting Machine is designed with a unique electrical servo system for controlling the Upset and Anvil units. It is provided with auto anvil Indexing, automatic component loading, component clamping and steady support systems. An optical pyrometer is incorporated for upset bulb temperature measurement. Pneumatic is used for actuating component clamping system, loading and steady rest mechanisms. This vertical configured machine has a rigid steel fabricated frame on which all other sub-assemblies are mounted. The electrical panel box is located behind the frame and the operator control panel with screen and push buttons are fixed to the frame at its front. The machine has a PLC based control system with an IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) drive.

30 kVA Twin Head Servo Electrical Upsetter with Auto Loading and Anvil Indexing Machines

  • Min - Max. Dia. of Bar : 5 - 12mm
  • Min - Max. Length of Bar : 90 - 350mm
  • Upset Length : 30mm to 200mm
  • Upsetting stroke – max. : 250 mm
  • Anvil stroke – max : 75 mm

These machines are used for producing IC engine valves or similar components by using round bars


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