ETA starts engaging with their customers right from the problem definition stage. Our SPMs are borne out of addressing those specific engineering challenges which our clients face. Each of those machines are designed, manufactured and benchmarked to be the among the best in the industry. Our range includes complete solution for making Automobile Engine Valves to Ball Turning and Burnishing, Commutator Slotting, Shaft Straightening etc. Even though, ETA Technology’s SPMs are primarily focused on the automobile industry, we would be happy to work with any client, given a complex engineering challenge.


Special Purpose Machines Product Series

Tappet End Grinding Machine for Engine Valves
Tappet End Finish Grooving Machine
Head Dia. Turning Facing and Profile Turning
Grooving, Chamfering And Tappet End Facing Machine
Electrochemical Etching Machine
Valves Straightening Machines
Ball Turning and Burnishing Machine
Commutator Slotting Machine
Shaft Straightening Machine
Duplex Milling Machine

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