ETA Technology has an In-House R & D unit has been Recognised and Registered with the Department of Scientific Research (DSIR), Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India

Our R&D is driven by a group of very senior people drawn from across the industry spectrum like NAL, CMTI, ISRO etc.


Our R&D Vision is to retain the position of industry leadership in Design and Development of

Friction Welding Machines, Simulators, Test Rigs, Electrical Upsetters and Special Purpose Machines

Our R&D Objectives

Innovation of new processes and improvement of existing processes to achieve..

  • Improvement in the cycle time of machinery to optimal level
  • Improvement in the quality of components produced by the machine
  • Improvement of repeatability & reliability
  • Operator-friendliness
  • Reduction/ elimination of operator skill
  • Use indigenous technology, wherever possible
  • Indigenization of components used in the machine
  • Reduce the cost of production by alternate design/ components for ETA
  • Reduce the cost of production by alternate design/ components for customers
  • Deploy/ develop the latest technology
  • Develop new innovative products for the industry

Our R&D Achievements

Continued over the last 3 years..

Test rig for Actuators of Aircraft Landing Gear

Key R&D activities
  • Working with Skydrol (highly corrosive oil)
  • Controlling pressure from 1.5 bar to 1000 bar on the same power pack
  • Better alternative to Impact Hammer to identify structure chattering
  • Experimental Modal Analysis consists of Dynamic Force Exciter, accelerometer and modal analysis software
  • Specification confirms to Aachen Germany in terms of static and dynamic force/ frequency range
  • Performance verified by AMTTF, Bangalore

200 KV IGBT Drive

3 phase power supply rectified to DC and inverted back to AC using an IGBT drive. Ac power thus generated is transformed to a sine wave
  • Load balancing of 3 phase power supply
  • Fine control of power
  • Sinusoidal output

Four Square Test Rig

Using power recirculation, it can test multiple transmission elements. This could simulate realistic loading and articulation conditions to test performance and endurance of UUT.

Single Post Actuator

This R&D was to demonstrate the capability to test shock absorber for a two wheeler, where road conditions were simulated and load on sprung mass and un-sprung mass are recorded for further analysis. An offshoot of this project is for determining the stress on the web of the wheel. This has got a commercial application in the manufacture of instrumented wheelset for Indian Railways

ETA Processor Board

Developed ETA processor board to replace Imported real time hardware

Received Innovative Designer Award twice by
CMTI-PMT trust at


2007 & 2011


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