The New Era of Industrial Revolution 4.0

What is a Smart Machine?

Connected Systems
Safe and Secure
Real-time and Remote access
Predictive Analytics

Everything connected. Everywhere.

The Internet of Things, or IoT.They are all everyday objects that can be seamlessly connected, securely connected, everything connected to the internet and be recognized by other

Trusted and Secure:

Our solution is built on Microsoft Azure cloud and connectivity solutions .Azure’s industry leading cloud security ,GDPR compliance and data localization regulations (eg,Azure Germany)ensure that your data is secure and compliant".

Fast and Scalable:

Scalable Azure architecture provides a capability to scale infinitely ,scale only what is needed ,all with extreme performance and fault-tolerance

Actionable insights :

Visualization tools provide you with metrics on productivity ,machine health and a host of other technical parameters

OEM Solutions :

Coming from the OEM ,the solution is best designed for the machine ..

Complete transparency:

You get to see what data is getting published to the cloud

ETA Technology’s Industrial IOT solution enables you to raise your productivity and operational excellence standards. It enables you to have a near real-time monitoring of your machine metrics – whether from the confines of your office or on the move.

Shop floors are now becoming a Smart, Connected ecosystem and data is at the center of this huge transformation. There are a host of technologies which are fueling these changes

  • smart sensors – They convert the real-world data into digital streams of information for processing at the edge or on the cloud. Smart Sensors help in deciding how and when to publish data. i.e, publish data if it goes beyond a certain threshold or if the variation is more than a certain %.
  • Cloud Platforms- Cloud based models have really brought down the cost of computing and storage as well as availability.
  • Technology- Tremendous advancement in Machine Learning and Data Analytics solutions and the availability of huge amount of data has helped in building and improving autonomous processes and solutions
  • Robotics – Robots are becoming collaborative, smaller and developing cognitive skills and essentially displacing humans from repeatable, riskier tasks

The technology of smart connected sensor driven enterprises are known by different terminologies like Industrial internet of Things (IIoT) or Industry 4.0. ETA has been at the forefront of riding the digitalization wave. Our machines have a real-time closed loop architecture which enables the program to continually review, adjust and optimize the run-time parameters to achieve the desired job quality- consistently and accurately.

Smart dashboards on Machine

  • Spindle speed – configured and real-time.
  • The Upset, Friction and total Burn-off lengths for the last job
  • Upset, Soft and Friction Force for the last job
  • Upset, Friction Burn-off and Weld times for the last job
  • Idle time and weld time for the machine over a defined period. This period can be changed.
  • Number of jobs rejected and accepted for a certain duration. The duration here too is configurable
  • Oil and Spindle Temperature
  • Oil Levels
  • Energy consumed per weld

Bearing Vibration and Unbalance data in mg.

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