Powering some of the Fortune 500 Companies and many other industries across the world

Machining ball pins to 4μ sphericity and surface finish of 0.1μ Ra on our Ball Turning & Burnishing Machine

– for leading automotive component manufacturers

Our Electrical Upsetting(Metal Gathering) Machine helped reduce rejection rates to ~0.1% from 2%-3%

– for a leading automotive component manufacturer

Replaced 3 different testing machines with a single Test Rig (1.5 to 1000 bar) for testing all 5 actuators of aircraft landing gear

– for a leading aerospace tier-2 supplier

GREAT solutions are made when great minds come together.  We start with our customers job and work backwards to building solutions around the job they have. That is how we ensure that our solutions help customers build their best product ever.

We at ETA, take pride in the long-term relationship we have built with our customers who share the same passion with us.



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