ETA’s Friction welding machines are highly sophisticated and it is best left to us, the designers, to handle the service and maintenance.

We offer our engineers’ services along the following lines to ensure that your machines are kept in the best possible shape

ETA service engineers will visit your premises, check the machine performance, verify the health, recommend parts replacement if needed.

Preventive maintenance goes by the recommended service interval for the product. This will cover product inspections, maintenance (data backups, greasing of mechanical parts, calibration etc.). We also undertake component replacements as deemed necessary. This will be a mix of onsite as well as remote service.

In case any of our products malfunction or breaks down our Service engineers will help you in fixing and/or replacing and constituent components of it.This can be a simple troubleshooting exercise or a breakdown analysis which can be done either on-site or remotely as the deemed necessary.

Most of our machines have built in remote monitoring capability and we can, with your permission, remotely analyze and provide suggestions on a wide range of problems.Our machine sensors capture data continuously which provide a wealth of information on the machine health as well as impending issues.

If you need a quick suggestion or advice, do reach out to our Technical Advisor Help Desk during India Business Hours. Else, you can still drop us a mail and our Advisors will get back you at the earliest.