Key Features of our 3 Ton Rotary Friction Welding Machines

  • Spindle driven by AC servo motor
  • Rapid stopping of spindle by regenerative braking which saves energy
  • Welding force provided by servo hydraulic cylinders in closed loop control system
  • Pressure transducer/ load cell and linear scale feedback for load and displacement control
  • On-line plotting of important parameters like axial thrust, spindle speed, loss of length and spindle torque during weld cycle
  • Archival and retrieval of weld data
  • Remote customer support through internet

3T Horizontal Friction Welder Machine with Deflash, Bend Testing and Auto Load-Unload

Designed for welding IC engine valves, Head to Pin and Pin to Pin. Mechanisms are built-in for automatic component loading, transfer and ejection.

    Component Welded : Engine Valve
    Forge Head to Pin welding
  • Stem dia.- Min-Max :4.5 to 9mm
  • Forge Head dia. Min-Max : 20 to 45mm
  • Forge Head Length- Min -Max : 40 to 70mm
  • Stem pin length – Min-Max : 45 to 100mm
  • Pin to Pin Welding
  • Stem dia.- Min-Max. :4.5 to 9mm
  • Head pin length – Min-Max. :70 to 200mm
  • Stem pin length – Min-Max. :45 to 150mm
  • Max. Length after welding :350mm



Designed for welding Engine Valves - Pin to Pin and Head to Pin

3T - Machine With built-in deflash, deflect and auto loading / unloading


  • Very short cycle time (few seconds)
  • Ideal for mass production
  • Savings in costly material if bi-metallic component is used (Eg. Drills- HSS/MCS)
  • Low heat -affected zone and hence semi finished components can be welded
  • Low energy consumption
  • No edge preparation, filler material, shielding gas, spattering, fumes and radiation
  • Excellent welding: Joint as strong or stronger than parent material
  • Metals as diverse as Cu to Al, Cu or Al to steel, Titanium to stainless steel etc. can be welded
  • 100% in-process quality check

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