Key features of our Friction Surfacing Machines

Below are some of the key features of our machines which makes them among the best in the world.

Expand welding of new Materials
FSW has expanded to realm of materials that were hitherto difficult to weld. Magnesium, Aluminium, Copper and its alloys, Titanium , thermoplastics etc. are among the materials that can be fusion welded using FSW.
Environment Friendly

Being a solid-state process and no usage of environmentally harmful materials FSW is an energy efficient and environment friendly technology.There are no fumes or molten material involved in this process. ETA Technology has developed a uinique method of pre-heating the joins to further reduce the energy needs.

Better than Fusion welding

Being a Solid-state welding process, FSW eliminates most of the defects including porosity, solute redistribution and soldification cracking.

Minimal loss and better Join Characteristics

FSW supports a wide range of thickness and length thereby reducing any machining needs later.This is being increasingly adopted in Aerospace, Automobile and Space due to the vast array of advantages it provides.

Friction Surfacing Machine Features

  • Machine is available for both longitudinal and circumferential seam welding
  • A solid state welding process
  • No flux, filler material or gas needed
  • Provides excellent mechanical strength and adherence at the interface area

Friction Surfacing Machines


It is useful for joining high strength aerospace aluminum alloys and other metallic alloys that are hard to weld using conventional fusion welding.


6T - Machine With built-in deflash, deflect and auto loading / unloading

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