Key Features of our Deformation Apparatus

This apparatus tests Geological rock samples for stress/strain characteristics under compression, tension and torsion, subjecting pressure up to 5000 bar and temperature up to 1300o C.

It consists of a Torsion actuator, Pressure vessel, Furnace, Multi range load cell, Bubbler, Intensifier, Pore fluid Volumometer and an Axial actuator and is designed to simulate the conditions of earth’s inner core.
The test specimen can be subjected to an extreme torsional displacement from 5x10-8 radians / second to 5x10-3 radians / second. The internal electrically heated furnace produces the extreme temperature condition. A hydraulically driven intensifier builds up and holds the confining pressure.The specimen can be subjected to an axial loading of ±100kN, with displacement rating from 0.005 µm/ second to 500µm/second. A specially designed multi range load cell with LVDTs helps in measuring axial displacement, torsional load, and axial load on the specimen.

Pore fluid volumometer enables for a deeper study regarding the effect of pores in the rock samples. The bubbler unit provided helps in detecting any leakage of inert gas from test chamber.

The apparatus has a central Mitsubishi PLC based control system with servo motors for applying and controlling different types of forces. A Eurothem module is used to control temperature. ETA’s own developed software interface makes the machine more user friendly.

The design is based on the PATERSON HIGH-PRESSURE HIGH-TEMPERATURE (HPT) TESTING MACHINE designed by Professor Mervyn Paterson, Research School of Earth Sciences, Australian National University and Paterson Instruments Pty Ltd, later Australian Scientific Instruments Pty Ltd.

The first prototype of the HPT apparatus is being built in collaboration with Prof. Santanu Misra of the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. The instrument is one of the biggest projects under his prestigious Swarnajayanti Fellowship, he received from Department of Science and Technology (DST), Govt. of India

  • High pressure vessel with built in 500 MPa Argon Gas Intensifier system
  • Heating system limited to 1300° C
  • Axial force: maximum ±100kn
  • Torque: maximum ±1000nm
  • A multi-range internal load cell capable of measuring axial position, axial stress, torsional stress
  • Research
  • Geological Studies
High-Pressure High-Temperature (HPT) Testing Apparatus for Geological Studies

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