Key features of our 6 Stations Boot Testing Machine

This machine is used for testing ball joint boots of automobiles. It has stations, and 6 numbers of boots can be tested simultaneously. AC spindle motor and drives are used for articulation and rotation of the spindle. Articulation angle is +/- 30 degrees with frequency variable from 0.1 Hz to 3Hz. Rotational angle can be varied -70 degree to + 70 degrees with frequency variation from 0.1Hz to 3Hz. Operating temperature can be varied from -40O C to + 140 O C. Humidity can varied from +15% to 90%RH. Facility for testing boots with mud water spray is available.
On the auto chaning of speed and position with return to cycle

  • Number of ball joint : 6
  • Articulation angle : ± 30°with frequency, variable from 0.1Hz to 3Hz
  • Rotation angle : ± 70°variable from 0.12Hz to 3Hz
  • Operation temperature : -40°C to +140°C
  • Humidity range : +15% to 90 % RH

Bellows / Rubber Boots can be tested


station boot test
station boot test
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