Key Features of our Configurable Test Rig

The test facility with Re-Configurable system (T-Slot Bed, Linear Actuators on brackets) is used to conduct performance test, Static Strength Test, Fatigue Strength Test on the UUT.

  • Servo Actuators of 50 KN
  • Built In Position Sensor
  • Easily Configurable Tests
  • Low Noise Hydraulics
  • Frequency
  • Offset
  • Number of Cycles
  • On Line Force Sensor Calibration
  • Loading Actuator : ± 50 KN ( 02 Nos )
  • Stroke : ± 100mm
  • Force Sensor : 50 KN
  • Position Sensor : ± 100mm
  • Mechanical : T Slot Bed , Brackets + Fixtures
  • T-Slot Bed Size : 3.00 Mtrs X 2.00 Mtrs

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