Key Features of our Duplex Milling Machine

This machine is designed for duplex milling of Aluminium housings with component loading and unloading done manually. The machine has twin spindle assemblies and they are mounted on individual spindle housings, which   move in opposing directions on LM guide ways fitted on the machine frame. The spindle slides are driven by servo motors through set of ball screw and timer pulleys. The spindles are run by induction motors through inline couplings.  The aluminium component is carried in a fixture mounted on a central slide unit. The fixture slide is fed in between the cutters for milling operation on both the faces of the component simultaneously. The parallelity achieved is less than 8 microns

  • Minimum length of Component: 38mm
  • Maximum Length of component: 115mm
  • Spindle Speed: 1000 rpm
  • Spindle power : 2.2 kW
  • Milling cutter dia. 200mm
Parallel milling of gear pump body
duplex milling

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