Advantages of our Electrical Upsetting (Metal Gathering) Machines

We believe that getting the perfect bulb shape is pure science and not an art. That is how you can get the Bulb shape to be perfect, consistent, repeatable and without cracks. Our vertical upsetters also helps to optimize your shop floor by packing in the lowest footprint, far ahead of our competitors.

Key Unique Features

Near ZERO Rejection

The bulbs produced by our Electrical Upsetting(Metal Gathering) Machines assure a near-perfect and repeatable bulb shape with almost no wrinkles or cracks.

Low Machine Footprint

Machines up to 315KW in vertical configuration where 1600 mm long bar length bar can be gathered for 600 mm length. It occupies only about 1.5 m X 1.5 m at a jaw height of about 1700mm from floor. ETA is the only vendor which gives you this configuration

Automated Temperature Control

A temperature controlled and automated process prevents overheating of bulb at its root and weakening of the metal. This is a typical issue seen in most metal gathering/ electrical upsetting machines

Process Parameterization

Employing a mathematical model eliminates need for operator intelligence to ascertain bulb quality. This results in a completely automated process, thereby eliminating the need of an operator.

High Power Efficiency

Highly efficient “C”- core transformer for heating

Power Input

Precisely controlled 3 phase power input. Balanced current in all three phases and machine can be run on equivalent capacity generator set.

Our Electrical Upsetting (Meta Gathering) Machines

ETA follows an Engineered-To-Order(ETO) process in most of the cases as building a product starts with understanding customer requirements. For a very limited off-the-shelf models, we have a Make-to-Order (MTO) approach though. Below is a sampling of machines that we have built for our customers under the Electrical Upsetting (Metal Gathering) category.

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