Rotary Friction Welding is applicable across a wide range of industry segments and applications and ETA Technology makes a range of Friction Welders. Following are few of the significant applications of this technology

  • Automobile – Bimetallic engine valves, Rear axle housings for trucks and trailers, Piston Rods, propeller shafts, drive shafts, CV joints,passenger side airbag inflator etc.
  • Marine- Turbocharger
  • Mining – Drill Pipes
  • Medical –
  • Others – Hydraulic Equipments, cable lugs, cutting tools like twist drills, end mills, reamers.

Drive Axle housing and Trailer Axle housing Propeller shafts

Piston rods of hydraulic cylinder Drills, Reamers, End mills and CV Joints

Engine valves Bi-metal cable lugs

Drill Pipe/Rod Welding



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