This test rig is designed for testing landing gear actuators of passenger aircraft. For this particular use case, this machine is capable of conducting tests for all 5 actuators on a single Rig. It can apply pressures ranging from 0.5 bar to 1000 bar using the same power pack and can conduct over 35 different tests for all the 5 actuators.

We follow an Engineer to Order(ETO) process and hence each machine will have unique features and capabilities. Hence, the specification of the machine like Max/Min length of actuator, Max External load at a certain pressure, max weight of actuator, Min/Max frequency of possible displacement, Highest testing pressure etc. varies with the End Customer requirements.
Following are some of the major tests that can be conducted on this system
  • Preliminary test
  • Proof pressure and Static Test
  • Static load compression test
  • Static load tensile test
  • Dynamic leakage test
  • Antagonistic Test - Extension
  • Antagonistic Test - Retraction
  • Speed measurement during Extension
  • Speed measurement during Retraction
  • Leakage tests
  • Dampening measurement
  • Cleanliness check
  • Delivery condition
  • Testing of Manifold assembly
  • Proof pressure test
  • Internal leakage Test
  • Long Duration Leakage Test
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Testing System for Aircraft landing gear actuators

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