We offer our industry leading machines and services to support your manufacturing.

These services are offered irrespective of the size and quantity of the job.

Investing in buying a Friction Welding machine may not be cost effective when you have a relatively smaller batch size. Or in some other cases, you may be faced with a quick ramp up in production capacity. You can reach out to us to see how our manufacturing services can offer you a cost effective solution. We offer manufacturing services on the following class of machines:-

  • Direct Drive Friction Welding
  • Inertia Friction Welding
  • Linear Friction Welding
  • Friction Stir Welding
  • Pre and Post weld processing

Our in-house technicians and operators,backed by our industry leading machines offer you the best possible solution for outsourcing your manufacturing needs.

We also offer feasibility study, analysis and prototyping of newer job types and profiles.

We currently offer testing services for any components on our Universal Test Rigs (2 linear axis and 1 rotary axis).

Please reach out to us for any specific requirements you may have as we are adding additional Test Rigs to our Testing Services Offerings.