Key Features of our Dynamic Force Exciter for Structural Modal Analysis

The EH Force exciter superposes heavy dynamic forces over static forces over a wide frequency range. EH force exciter is compact and light , a major advantage over electrodynamic exciters. It consists of a Tandem actuator, EH Servo valve , Integral Loadcell & Position Transducer. The control with amplitude modulation, enables the force level to be maintained as the frequency is swept. The exciter functions in Sinusoidal, Swept Sine & Random modes. The response of the load to the excitation is measured at multiple points on the structure , by accelerometers whose outputs are then analysed by the Modal Analysis software. The software extracts the modal parameters of frequencies and damping factors of the structure under study. It generates the Geometrical model and displays the animated mode shapes of the structure. This software also provides an "IF/Then" solutions to any structural design change.

Dynamic force Exciter
  • Static load :450kgs(settable)
  • Dynamic Load :+/- 400kgs(settable)
  • Frequency :Range depending on Structural stiffness

To test structural members


Dynamic Force Exciter

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Dynamic Force Exciter for Structural Modal Analysis

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