• Vertical and Horizontal configuration ,Single Head design
  • Servo hydraulics for Upsettig and Anvil cylinders
  • Anvil Auto indexing and manual loading and unloading

50 kVA Electrical Upsetting Machine

This vertically configured Upsetter consists of a rigid steel fabricated frame on which all sub- assemblies are mounted. A built-in hydraulic pack is provided at the bottom of the frame. This single head machine has hydraulically actuated Upsetting and Anvil units. The Steady rest and Component clamping systems are also actuated through hydraulics. It is provided with an Anvil Indexing mechanism. Component loading and unloading is done manually. Provision is made for circulating cooling water through, heating transformer, Anvil electrodes and Clamping jaw electrodes. Also heat exchanger is provided for cooling hydraulic oil in the power pack. The Upsetter has a PLC based control system.

  • Max. upsetting Force : 7000kgf
  • Max. dia. of bar upset : 16.4mm
  • Max. length of bar upset : 550mm
  • Max. upsetting stroke : 400mm
  • Anvil stroke : 110mm

These machines are used for producing heavy duty IC engine valves or similar components by using round bars


6T - Machine With built-in deflash, deflect and auto loading / unloading

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