300 kVA Electrical Upsetting Machine

This vertically configured Single Head Upsetting machine is designed to do metal gathering on bar stocks with power up to 300kVA. We are the only company which offers a vertical machine of this capacity with an extremely low foot print of 1.5m * 1m

  • Capacity : 300 kVA
  • Main frame : Fabricated
  • Max. Length of bar: 1535 mm
  • Min. Length of bar: 735 mm
  • Max. dia. of bar : 46 mm
  • Min. dia. of bar : 36 mm
  • Upset Length : 600mm max.
  • Capacity : 300 kVA

These machines are used for gathering of metal on bar stocks to produce flanged components


6T - Machine With built-in deflash, deflect and auto loading / unloading

We offer the following series of machines under the Electrical Upsetting Machines category.

ETA is primarily in the business of building custom solutions and hence the above list is just indicative.

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