125kVA Single Head Horizontal Hydraulic Upsetter

This horizontal upsetting machine consists of a frame and a moving slide. The frame encloses the hydraulic power pack and the transformer. The steady rests and the clamping jaws are mounted on the frame such that it is enclosed by the moving slide. The position of the steady rest can be adjusted for different job length. The electrical panel is placed above the frame. The moveable slide carries the main cylinder and the anvil.

  • Min - Max. Dia. of Bar : 22 - 40mm
  • Min - Max. Length of Bar : 400 - 1400 mm
  • Min - Max. Upset length : 180 - 900mm
  • Upsetting stroke – max : 900 mm
  • Anvil stroke – max :250 mm

These machines are used for producing bigger IC engine valves or similar components by using round bars.


125KVA Single Head Horizontal Hydraulic Up setter250x250
KVA Single Head Horizontal Hydraulic
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