Key Features of our Calibration Rig for Instrumented Wheels

Rail Wheel Calibration Rig is used for calibrating Instrumented wheelsets (IWS).IWS is designed for measuring wheel-rail contact forces under dynamic and static conditions. The evaluation of such forces is a critical factor for approval of railway vehicles. Typical applications of IMWs are:

1.Homologation of new vehicles and Standards (EN14363, UIC518, US CFR49)
2.Advanced track measurement for optimized maintenance and enhanced safety
3.Testing for reliability improvement
4.Vehicle dynamics and Multibody Model validation
5.Research in wheel / rail contact-related issues

This Calibration Rig is used to calibrate Instrumented wheelsets by applying known vertical loads and lateral loads by changing the contact points between the wheel and rails. This Rig can apply the loads both at static condition and dynamic condition (i.e. while train is travelling at various speeds).
This data is used to build the inverse matrix that can be used for calculating the loads acting on wheels during actual running conditions.

ETA designs and develops its own class of servo hydraulic actuators that form part of various machines that are sold over the world. The servo hydraulic actuator designed for this machine is capable of loading upto 16 Tons with an accuracy of 10kg. It is a closed loop sysem with an inbuilt position sensor to control the actuation within 1 micron.

  • Static loading as well as Dynamic Loading on test wheels.
  • Near-simulation of Rails through rail wheel.
  • Programmable speeds for dynamic testing 0-70kmph for wheels
  • Programmable loading of 0-16 Ton in vertical direction for each wheel achieved by ETA Servo Hydraulic Actuators.
  • Programmable lateral positioning of wheels (up to max 40mm) to generate a resultant lateral load of 0-10Ton.
  • Provision to laterally move test wheel relative to rail as required for different values of vertical loading.
  • Provision for simulation of yaw movement (Twisting movement between Test wheel and Rail wheel)
  • Provision to measure yaw force/yaw torque.
  • Provision to change speed/load/position on the fly during testing.

Test Rig is for simulation and calibration of Instrumented wheels for broad gauge of Indian Railways.

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Calibration Rig for Instrumented Wheels

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