ETA IMTEX 2017 Experiences with Mr. Nair, Chairperson, ETA Technology

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Mr. Nair talking about experiences of ETA IMTEX 2017 –

ETA’s main products are Testing and simulation rigs, Friction welding machines, metal gathering machines, press and special purpose machines. As IMTEX 2017 was a metal cutting show, we had displayed Ball Turning and Burnishing Machine  and some of the new R&D product demos. Three R&D products we demonstrated where, Four Square Test Rig which is probably built first time in India. Other two were  single poster test rig for analyzing the road comfort and road holding ability of suspension unit under varying sprung mass condition and characterize the shock absorber performance and Experimental Modal Analysis Kit for Simulating High G Forces and measuring the structural damping factor.

@0:48 – Talking about Ball Turning and Burnishing machine..

@5:15 – Added feature of the machine is Dimensional Measurement for the job after burnishing. so it move to the third station we measure the job… without operator intervention.

@5:51 – Talking about Four Square Method Test Rig, this specially used of testing of components which undergo top and we can test four components at a time…

@8:48 Electrical Upsetting Machines are metal gathering machine had been in our portfolio from 1991 and is one of the first machine which is built. With over period of time we have done a lot of innovation on these machines and today we are making the best machines in the world, we have come a long way that earlier we use to have controlled with a ..

@9:23 – Only company offering with IGBT control

@11:38 – One big achievement is today we are able to produce bulbs without cracks either at the face or at the root..

@12:39 – Built a machine of 150 KVA for making valves of marine applications. This machine we can go 45mm diameter and it can make valves of 300mm head diameter and no body is making in India such valves so far.