Our History

Our Journey


And So It Began

Mr. Parameswaran Sukumaran Nair started ETA Technology Pvt. Ltd. in 1991 as a manufacturer of Rotary Friction Welders. The factory was situated at Peenya, Bengaluru, one of the largest MSME hubs in India.

building photo



Launched an Electrical Upsetting Machine For Engine Valve

ETA offerd a Friction welding machines in different capacities for welding engine valves for head to pin or pin to pin and for sodium filled valves configurations.The SPMs are widely used by leading automobile component manufacturers engaged in the manufacture of engine valves

Electrical Upsetter


Launched a Test Rigs for Automotive

ETA specialized in manufacturing test rigs and providing testing solutions for customer specific needs.First Test-rig machine was “Impulse Test Rig for Hose pipe” .
Impulse Test Rig for Hose Pipe


First 100T Friction Welding Machine


Shipped  100T Friction Welder was built to weld truck axles to the spindle.


First customer from Europe



Launched an R & D Division



With a vision to retain the position of industry leadership in design and development of Friction Welding Machines, Simulators, Test Rigs, Electrical Upsetters and Special Purpose machines, ETA had established full-fledged R&D facility covering various areas of engineering such as Electrical, Mechanical, Hydraulics, Power electronics and automation software.

New concepts to improve the performance of our products and indigenization of components are designed, developed and tried out in our R&D facility which is keeping ETA ahead of competitors.

Trained Engineers are engaged in developing new systems using advanced CAD software, 3-D modelling and FEM.

A test lab is available for prototype manufacturing and testing of new designs and concepts before the product attains maturity for manufacturing.

A clean room class electrical lab, provides the necessary facilities for electronic prototyping/ bread board try outs.

ETA’s R& D efforts over the years , facilitated to bring out many new systems, mechanism and machines to meet challenging customer demands.


Expansion of Test Rig Portfolio

ETA specialized in designing and supplying   customized  Test rigs.


Innovation in Electrical Upsetting Machines

Shipped 400Kva Vertical Electrical Upsetting (Metal Gathering ) machine for Axle Shaft


Ventured Into Railways.

Launched a calibration rig for Instrumented Wheels.It is developed for railway applications confirming to standards such as EN14363, UIC518, US CFR49

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