Tablet filling
Tablet filling
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How it Works?



This machine is designed for filling tablets into tubes
and to insert the cap on the filled tube.
The machine is a linear filling machine with a slat
conveyor which carries the tubes and pre-decided
number of tablets in one straight line. Caps are also
loaded on the same conveyor in the same axis. Once
tube filling and capping are over the tube will be
delivered to a take off chute.
No. of tablets per tube : 10, 20 or 30
Speed: 60/ 100 tubes per min.
Checking tubes for orientation/ damaged mouth/ rejection by

Control System

Friction Welding Machines Control System

control system

The spindle is driven by an asynchronous servomotor and braked by line-generation. Axial forces are controlled by a hydraulic servo valve. In machines up to 20 Ton capacity a load cell is used to measure the axial force and controlled on a closed loop.

An industrial PC stores and displays all important parameters – Axial Force, Spindle speed, Displacement and Spindle torque. These data are plotted graphically against Time, for each and every weld and archived. The process is controlled by a high speed PLC.

All Machines are provided with Internet connectinectivity whereby remote diagnosis of machine faults is possible without our service engineers having to visit the client’s factory.

Industry 4.0 Ready

Our machines ready continuously evolving to support Industrie 4.0 and connected manufacturing. Product operational metrics can be monitored and analyzed remotely on a continuous basis.

We offer the following series of machines under the Special ourpose Machines category.
ETA is primarily in the business of building custom solutions and hence the above list is just indicative.

ETA customer engagement process starts off with understanding their requirement and pain points which leads us to offer the best possible solutions.
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