Cost effective, Smart Rotary Friction Welders from 1.5 to 2000 Ton.

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Key Benefits


The clamping system in our Rotary Friction Welders assure you a centering within 30μ.

Industry 4.0:

Our Rotary Friction Welding machines are continuously evolving to support Industry 4.0 and connected manufacturing. Product operational metrics can be monitored and analyzed remotely on a continuous basis.


Spindle driven by AC servo motor. Welding force is provided by servo hydraulic cylinders in closed loop control system. Pressure transducer/load cell and linear scale feedback is used for load and displacement control


Our Spindle assembly assures you an assured orientation of  less than +/-0.5 degree for the weld.

A few Parts

Propeller Shaft – Yoke and Spline
Piston Rods
Engine Valves
Drill Pipes
Conveyor Roller
Axle Housing
Turbocharger Impeller
Track Roller
Torque Rod
Aluminum Copper Cable Lug
Drill Bits
Transmission Gear Shaft


Copper and Aluminum Rotary Friction welding

Friction welding process is a solid-state welding process where heat is imparted to the work pieces by mechanical means via the frictional rubbing of the mutual pieces together under a load and accompanied by deformation of the parts. Generally, in friction welding of steels, plasticity for forging in both components will be attained in a

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What is Friction, and what is Friction Welding?

What is Friction? Friction is an essential part of our lives. We may not realise, but without Friction, even a bicycle will not move an inch on road, leave alone vehicles and trains running!  Yes, we do need to spend energy to overcome Friction, but if it were not to be there, we will not

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Presentation on Friction Stir Welding Technology by ETA at IIT Patna

A Short Term Course under Continuing Education Program (CEP) on Recent Trends in Friction Stir Processing Technique (RTFSP2019) IIT Patna hosted a three-day short term course under Continuing Education Program (CEP) on “Recent Trends in Friction Stir Processing ” (RTFSP2019) from December 18 to December 20, 2019. This was organized by the Department of Mechanical

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