Internship@ETA Technology – An initiative to bridge the Academia-Industry gap

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ETA Technology, as part of its Internship program took on-board some of the brightest engineers from one of the most prestigious universities in India – IIT Kanpur. The students were in their 3rd year , pursuing a Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering

The whole program was spread over 3 months and the interns were given the opportunity to work on some real world projects. Each of the students were divided into teams and given the opportunity to work on multiple projects across technologies. Few of the significant ones are as follows:-
• Brake Dynamo meter for Indian Rail wheel
Metal Gathering machines and process of metal gathering.
• Conceptual design on Hydrostatic bearing
• Friction welding process
• Conveyor mechanism design for loading jobs into a rotary friction welder

The young engineers got a hang of the working principles ofRotary Friction welding machines and Electrical Upsetters. They were explained about the science behind the way we have perfected the bulb shape on our latest range of Electrical Uspetting machines.

To quote ETA Technology Chairman Mr. Nair, “Internship is an investment we do in our young engineers, who turn out to be our brand ambassadors in future. An exposure to the niche areas we work on, helps the students be better prepared in their outlook when they graduate out of college.

The whole program concluded by giving them a tour of some of the niche industries in and around the Industrial belt in Bangalore. This included a visit to DUCOM and IPA where the interns spent a day each. They were given a factory tour and a introduction into their specific areas of expertise. DUCOM is world leader in designing and manufacturing advanced materials testing instruments with a specialization in Tribology. IPA is among the major manufactures of industrial weighing and automation solutions right from fine strain gauges to trailer weigh bridges.