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We believe that the most successful products have the simplest design. All our machines - Friction Welding,Electrical Upsetting(Metal Gathering),Special Purpose Machines and Test Rigs - imbibe this design philosophy.
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We are among the world leaders in design and manufacture of Friction Welding and Electrical Upsetting (Metal Gathering) Machines. We also specialize in Special Purpose Machines, Assembly Machines and machines for simulation and testing. We server customers across Automobile, Aerospace, Marine and Defence.
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Our services include comprehensive AMCs for our machines, contract manufacturing of Friction Welding components, Testing Services on our Universal Test Rigs, upgrades of old ETA supplied machines, and much more.
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Feel free to reach out to us with your Engineering problems. We thrive in finding the best possible solution for those. You can reach out to us by chat, email or the old fashioned way - phone.
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Our Clientele base includes some of the top Fortune 500 companies across 20+ Countries.
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You may download our Brochures & Manuals to find out more about the Products and Services we offer.
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